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I am new at fiverr

I am new here, please help me how do i attract buyers and make more sells on thank you in advance

Hi there are many was to promote your services, you can promote your gig url the same way your promote any site, twitter, facebook blog commenting, forums,

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Sorry, but just by reading the " how do i attract buyers and make more sells " part, I get the feeling you are not the best person to offer writing gigs…
Also, there are hundreds of writing gigs offered here at Fiverr, unless you can come up with a way to stand out and make your gig look unique, it will be a bit hard to get orders at first.

Just promote your gigs as much as you can…starting up is difficult but you have a long way to go…Good luck :slight_smile:

I am new here and you are level2, so can you tell me that is it only starting that’s difficult or later on if you will not promote, your sales will fall down?
Do you still have to promote your gigs?

One thing to start with would be creating a video. People love to see who they are working with. It gives them a sense of comfort knowing that there is an actual person on the other side of the computer screen that they can work with. Show them your personality, show them you know what you’re doing. A video can go a long way for promoting your gigs.


Create the gig in well professional and attractive manner.

  • Use images of what you can do or what you have done so for
  • It will be more attractive, if you create a video of your work you already done.
  • Promote your gig on Social media like, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.
    Don’t worry, you may not get results in a few days, keep trying, after a few weeks of continuous effort, you will see the results.Only you need to be patient and motivated.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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Yes i still promote it and update my gigs based on the requirements …we can only achieve top level by getting more orders and we will get orders only when we really focus on the our gig availability to buyers and that can be only done through promoting it as much as you can.