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I am new at fivver

Hey, I am new at fivver.What can I do to get order from client. Help me please.


Welcome to Fiverr Forum :slight_smile:

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welcome to fiverr… maximum time
2.send buyer request every day

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In the gig description:
“Message me if you have any dought.” could be “Message me if you have any doubt.”

If you made the main gig image around 1.619:1 it wouldn’t crop as much on the profile.
Your gig is for a very competitive service. Creating an additional gig for something else might help.
In your skills list in the profile, one says “Back Ground Removal” - you could change it to “Background Removal”.

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Thanks for your reply sir. I will follow your instructions.

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Thanks sir for your valuable time to reply me.

Thanks for your welcome