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I am new but no one see my gig and make me offer -:(

finance is related to our routine life. I provide services in financial and cost accounting. I make assignment of my friends as well as clarify points…

I have account at google+,linkedin,facebook,twetter,etc…but I can’t do this to promote my gig?help me

Try to Promote your gig…


You need to be a lot more specific about your gig. That will separate you from lots of other fiverr sellers offering the same thing. There are thousands of sellers doing photoshop gigs (well, hundreds anyway, I don’t know exactly how many) and as far as accounting goes, I think most people won’t believe you can make them an expert for $5! Are you offering help with budgeting, or offering accounting tips, what exactly is it?

If you focus on exactly what you’re offering, you’ll get the customers you’re looking for.

Good luck.

I see that you offer almost nothing.

Check the user’s gigs for a better idea

my gigs :

Promote your gigs in social sites(create brand page), make some brand mentions!

Also create correct title, tags and description in your gig!

Best regards

i will stay in fiverr but no sell my gig.Why? someone help me how to sell my gig…

thanks you.