I am new fiver.com How i can get order from fiver.com. Please Help Me


i am new fiver. so How can i get order from fiver.i am SEO expert.


As you are new to Fiverr, you may have to wait for few days, or even months to receive an order. Till that time, you can share your gigs on social media, or in your website/blog. Under the Selling section, you can click the “Buyer’s Request” option, and see all the requests posted by buyers related to your service. Then you have to send them offer, if you are ready to do the work demanded.

I received my first order after 1-month of opening Fiverr account, but I cancelled it because the buyer asked me to do illegitimate work(posting fake good reviews).
Then, I received another after 11 months, but it was too cancelled due to a technical snag.
After that, I received another order after 1 more month, and it was successful. Now I have received multiple orders. Thus, I received a perfect order after 1 year of opening the account.
So, you should not lose hope.

Happy Fiverring!:wink:


Wait, Hope, Pray and of course keep on working hard on your skills and your profile in the meantime.