I am new fiverr and need you guys help to understand how does it work


I am basically Hotelier background with multiple tasking, Virtual Office assistant , Admin, Training, Mystery Sales Call, SOP’s wirting, Word templates letters, Excel, spread sheets etc


Hi @musavir2019 welcome to Fiverr great , biggest, international marketplace .


Hi Dear Abdul,

Thank you for welcoming, any idea how to get started , kindly guide me…



Hi there welcome on fiverr im here as graphic designer nice skills best of luck for future.


Hi, if you are a buyer then you can simply browse and search what you want to buy. If you are a seller then you have to start on a PC and start a GIG which allows you to sell a particular skill of yours. Hope I helped.


Thanks Qazi, its good know about graphic


I am seller and already created my GIG its been 2days, I mean how to get orders where to targets is it normal not getting order for so long a week , a month… please advise


Your gig title is ‘I Will Max Your Revenue In Few Clicks’ - by just reading that I wouldn’t have a clue what your gig is offering - could you add some more details perhaps to encourage clicks to the gig description itself?

Nobody can tell you that - it varies from user to user, gig to gig. :slightly_smiling_face:


hmmm, now i got the idea , it was great help thank you:slightly_smiling_face: