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I am new fiverr seller 6 reviews

every one buyer i asked ,do the work complete and send delivery or rivet ion, buyer talking cancel the order, i talking buyer any wrong my job but buyer not talking…buyer talking cancel the order… but why?


You’re welcome to fiverr.
I wish you the very best!

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welcome you nice talking

Congratulations to brother

From what I can make out, you delivered an order, and you’ve offered a revision to your buyer, but they want to cancel?

We can’t say why your buyer wants to cancel I’m afraid.

lol don’t people even read the first post in threads anymore? I only see replies of people (that go by the title of the thread) welcoming/congratulating the seller instead of trying to help him out :rofl:

@aminbda3 There could be many reasons why your buyer might want to cancel the order.
If you have done everything that the buyer asked for (or as stated in your gig description), just deliver the order (if you haven’t already) and reject any buyer’s requests for cancellation. Stand your ground! Also, try not to sound desperate as this could make the buyer take you for a ride.

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