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I am new fiverr two days ago [ no orders ]

Skin retouching in low price


You are selling in one of the most competitive categories on Fiverr.

There are 11.5k results for “photo retouching”

10,000 of them are new, just like you.

90% of eleven thousand photo retouchers are new sellers trying to make it on the front page.

Honestly, I hate to sound defeatist but you would have to have an extremely unique, professional quality gig to have a dream of competing with that. When then, it is extremely unlikely that you will start receiving high volumes of orders with all the new competition.


Yes you are right

i try try again till i succeed soon

you know about how to solved problem of temporaily restricted account in fiverr

No because I don’t know what you did other than having multiple accounts which is definitely against the ToS. READ THE TOS!

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