I am new here and already felt like I am being scammed by the seller and Fiverr


I came across a 4.9 rate seller but she failed delivering my work on 22nd now it’s already 27th. I canceled the order and the money refunded to my me from my payment of USD31.50 to USD30.00. USD1.50 is charged for Processing Fee, which I got nothing from it. My work is super delayed and I lost money. I know it is just a small amount but is it right to deduct that money from the buyer? Why not on seller so they can be more responsible in their job.
If i misunderstand something here, please advise.


Basically Proccesing fee is charged by the Paypal so how can a seller be charged as he did pay nothing, However if you had good deal with the seller then he too is charge 20% by Fiverr so its almost same both have to pay something.

So, its not like that you are in loss or its a scam.

Only thing I suggest you is to mesage a buyer before order, ask for his past work and get into detail to discuss about project so you don’t waste your time by having such bad experiences.


I’m glad you mentioned this. I just created this account today and already found someone that has caught my eye with editing. I just sent a message to see how he could help my vision come to life.


Hi @naikoosuhaib Thank you for you advice. I already talked to the seller and sent her my work, she accepted my work and I told her I already paid, she said thank you and will get back to me asap. No sign of message that she will submit work late. since it’s been late too many days so i canceled without messaging. I just gave this work to another seller. Maybe i should have messaged her before canceled but it delayed just too many days already.


If the order is delayed you don’t need to ask the buyer then. If he set spam of 2 days and may be there is some issue or problem he should message that he needs some more days and even after that if its delayed you have no choice because your time is also precious.

Hope you have a great experience with the other sell :slight_smile:


What does the TOS that you agreed to say about it?