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I am new here and how to get job in Fiverr?

I am new on Fiverr as a WordPress and Web Designer. How to reach a buyer to sell my skill? Please give me suggestions those are more experience.


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Its not hard to get the first job, but don’t totally relay on Fiverr for the orders. Share your gigs to multiple social media sites and attract outsiders first. Fiverr is very trusted site so you can easily attract peoples from outside Fiverr. I have seen peoples don’t hesitate to order from Fiverr.

Once you start getting orders and maintain good ratings you will slowly start getting orders.

Be polite with customers give some bonus work and make customers happy.

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Thanks your valuable suggestions

It takes time and effort to build your Fiverr business.

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!

Welcome to the community! Keep developing your skills. Best of Luck!

welcome. it is good job place