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I am new here and I introduce GIG

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This indicates a less-than positive image about your understanding of the difference between buyers & sellers. Also the honor you have as a seller.

Seeing this forum is essentially full of sellers (most of whom are struggling to sell anything), advertising here may well cost you far more than it is worth to do seeing it breaks the rules you said you understood when you signed up.

I hope you are far less cavalier about the actual work you do.



I moved her post to the right category. Most newbies here do not really pay much attention (at times) to what category they are putting their posts in - and most of them belong in the “My Fiverr Gigs” or “Improve My Gig” categories.


We all myke mixsteaks Kind Sir but some seem less akksymidental than udders :wink:

You are genuinely kind to guide it the right place
(see what I did there? see, see :clap:)