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I am new here and i need some help how to promote my gigs

I need some tip how to promote my gigs to get sales


Well, I think wanting to promote your Gigs as they currently stand is putting the cart before the horse.

Your Gigs are replete with stock photos, and I suspect your profile picture is also a stock photo.

You may want to change that at least.

You’re quite right that using stock images which aren’t royalty free would be a bad idea for anybody offering graphics gigs and claiming the images to be their own.

However, thankfully the OP seems to have done their homework and has chosen images from Pexels which are
✓ Free for personal and commercial use
✓ No attribution required

As they’re not offering graphics services I can’t see there would be a problem?

@stephanie_watts - if you use the magnify glass on the top right to search for ‘promote my gig’ you’ll find lots of help from previous posters. Good luck! :sunny:

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Hi there,

To improve your fiverr gig sales, try to follow the basic .

  1. To stay online on regular and set your working hours, you should be available for quick response.
  2. make custom wrapper image or get it done by graphic designer don’t use stock or google images for gig wrapper.
  3. Write the gig title for service which in you are perfect, and can delivery as you mention in the description and add brief description relevant to gig. Use extra gig feature.
  4. keep low your prices in the beginning, so your gig get more chances to win.
  5. Use meta keyword related to service,“do some google for keyword” when making Gig and share your gig on social platforms which fivers allow.

6 If you went offline for days or week don’t forget to change your “ONLINE STATUS” in settings.

Good Luck, it’s work for me, hope it does for you too.