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I am New Here and Need Some Help

Hello Everyone!

I joined Fiverr few time ago but just started proper work. I have created few Gigs and have sent some Requests but Still I am waiting for Buyers. As I am still new and don’t have much knowledge about the process, Please guide me so I can get some orders.


I don’t really know what you have offer? You need to be more specific and revise your gig. For example if you offer T-shirt design you need to create a gig " I will design your T-shirt" . You are talking about Redbubble and Zazzle but buyers might not know what it is.

Thank you for the suggestions. It would surely help me.

I analyzed your profile and your gigs. Your profile is perfect. It attracts me, but the gigs have very short description and I can’t understand what are you offering exactly. Try to catch the attention of the buyer with long and interesting description, write there who are you, which are your skills, qualities and why they should choose you instead of choosing others.
Be patient, I also were like you and with patience and a lot of promotion, I managed to be a Level 2 Seller.

I see you made some changes already. Much better ;). Make sure to use different gig pictures for each individual gig. Also include in your gig description how much work you are willing to do for $5. You can say something like…I will do 1 hour of…I will do 5 pages…etc…Best of luck.

Once again, I am very thankful for your kind suggestions. I got my 1st order yesterday once I made few changes after reading your comment.

Thank you for very much for these precious suggestions.

Wow great news, congrats and happy Fiverring :wink: