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I am new here and need your advices


I am Mohammed Balbaa from Egypt, I used to translate for 2 years.
that’s my Translation gig. need your opinion guys

Best Regards
Mohammed Balbaa


you will need to share your gig among you social media accounts like (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)


Doing so will be useless, unless he is directly connected to his target customers on social media. Spamming your gig links to your friends is not an effective way to gain new customers.

It is also worth noting that the OP asked about feedback on his gig, NOT marketing advice in gaining new customers. Please read forum topics before you try and share “helpful” advice.


You know more than me, and capable of giving him a better advice, but i told hima that as i used to do that especially twitter as most of my customers are there. Thanks for your advice and i will read forum topics to help myself and others sorry.


Make the buyers request you’re go to place. Visit more often to see more offers every single day while building your reputation on the platform