I am new here and still not be able to avail any orders from clients


hey there i am new here in fiver. its been one week and still i am not be able to avail any orders from client.
how will i get orders from them. i am expert in my field


What are you doing to EARN your sales?


This question is asked all the time. You should look at the responses to those posts, and also check out Fiverr Academy :slight_smile:


If your gig is not selling, this is something you need to ask yourself:

“Is my gig the SAME level of quality as those popular/TRS/featured sellers?”
“Did I spend HOURS reading/looking through EVERYTHING?”

From the buyer’s point of view, it’s pretty easy to tell whether people spent less than an hour to create their gigs.

It would also be a good idea to ask someone to edit your gig and profile description.
"give me orders I am willing to get your orders. " is not a good way to attract buyers.


you should use attractive gig description and images. Also sent buyer request daily and share your gigs via social media


Send buyer request and be patient


Thanks all of you for your help. i