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I am new here and want to improve the gigs

Hi everyone,
I am new at fiver. so want to improve my gigs because i think it may help me to get orders more quickly. AS
i am excited to work at this platform and looking forward to complete the orders.
Please do have a look on my gig


Please get rid of the celebrity photo as your profile picture. - everybody knows it isn’t real.

You’ll get fewer buyers with it as they are now wise to the fact that using pictures of glamorous celebrities isn’t always a good sign - they’d much rather a normal picture, logo etc. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also might be better to change your profile description to something which isn’t religion based?


yup i got your point. i will change it. Thanks a lot

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improve you tag share your gig on socail media

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And you should write uniuqe descriptions. If someone really wants to check it, he/she easily can find the original ones. I don’t know your niche but the images seem good to me.


thanks a lot honey for help

Have done. please tell any other area which need improvement. thanks

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That looks much better! :slightly_smiling_face:

Make sure you make use of the 3 images per gig - it all helps! :sunny:

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ok. i will upload 3 pics

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You must upload a video for all your gig dear.

yes i will upload honey

can you tell me that should i go to make portfolio or i have to wait?

Your live portfolio gets made as you go along:

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