I am new here and want you guys to help


Hey all;

I am saeed and i just joined Fiverr also i am new in freelancing so i definitely need some help from you guys. My skills are Medical billing and Account receivable follow up. Senior friends,please check my GIGs / Profile and suggest me if there are any improvement needed.

Thanks in advance.



“I am new here and want you guys to help”

" I want some experts to check my GIGs"

Do you have any other command for us?


No sir. :slight_smile: .My tone is “requesting”.


Then it would be nice to use that word, my friend.

And see what you get for answers…


Sure. Check it now…


@wuerz123 He is calling you Sir, he is defo polite, Sir wuerz. :wink:


Sir Wuerz123