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I am new here .. but no orders

i am new here but no orders …

Stay here and improve our skill. And try to promote your gig for selling quickly

Firstly welcome on fiver :clap:Don’t worry about it.improve your gig and promote on other social sites…stay blessed

share your gigs on social media plate forms and send regular buyer requests. also stay online

Don’t worry. Give it a few more days and check buyer requests regularly.

I have the same problem too. I have a question of all? I’ve been working for a month but no orders are found. Should I leave this job? Or else you have to wait. Should I go to another web site?

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No matter how you do on this platform, you should definitely have alternative options. I’d say most good sellers are working on multiple platforms. There will be times where your sales dry up so it’s good to have other sources where you can get orders.

You’ve said that you’ve been working for a month. Doing something doesn’t equal success.
For example, you’ve copied top rated seller’s gig description. Do you think buyers won’t find it out?

PS. You should really start your own topic.