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I am new here, check my profile and advice me!


Hi, I am Ashraful. I am here to build my career as a freelancer data entry operator. I need your advice to become a successful freelancer.

Here is my id link-



Hi Ashraful, Welcome here on fiver! I wish you luck!!



Thank you brother…


To say your category is overcrowded is an understatement. I am not convinced there are a lot of deals happening in that category anyway, but there are certainly a million offers. I would recommend a gig video, but the one I made for my personal virtual assistant didn’t help her; it seems to have hurt her.

You are officially selling snow in Alaska, my friend. Hawking sand in the desert. Peddling salt water at the seashore.

Your only hope is for you to come up with something substantially differentiated in a category that doesn’t lend itself to that.


you are right. soon I will try something new… thanks for your advice.