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I am new here, have some queries

Hello to all fellow sellers,

I am new here and have some queries. I want you guys to have a look at my profile and gigs and let me know your expert suggestions. I have never been to any social platforms, so also tell me how can i promote my gigs ?

I am also new here (about 10 days). I have submited over 30 buyer requests, and set three gigs. I am offering a lot free features, and really low prizes, yet no one have came to me. I don’ t know what to do. I went trough forum and academy, and I have implemented most of the suggestions and still no job. Do you have any advice or word of encouragement?

I don’t have one strong thing to offer, but I will say what I can. First, it’s great that you posted in your real location and used a unique logo (I assume) for your profile picture. It’s refreshing to see honesty at the start! Be careful with your design choices on your logo gig. Your “Chili” sample isn’t nearly exact, but it is close enough to the Chili’s restaurant logo to potentially scare off a buyer who knows their logo.

Another gig you probably need to edit heavily is the one called “I will for fifty cents per day professionally maintain your website for $5.” The title doesn’t easily break down to show the buyer what they get for their five bucks. I’m not positive, but Fiverr may not want you using price in the title and you don’t want to lose the gig and reviews if editorial removes it later. You can verify by submitting a ticket to Customer Support and asking if the title is OK.

If they say the title is OK, that doesn’t solve the problems entirely. Some buyers assume a week is 5 days and some think a week is 7 days, so you can’t just say they get a week of maintenance because neither 5 days or 7 days add’s up to $5 at .50 a day. Here’s another problem with that gig: your delivery time is one day. You can’t deliver $5 of value with that title in one day. One day is .50 so the gig won’t be finished when you deliver. You’d have to make the delivery time 10 days at minimum to account for 10 consecutive fifty cent days. If you don’t do that, you’ll be breaking the rules with a partial delivery in one day. Think it through and you’ll come up with something, but that gig may get you into trouble or just get no buyers. You have a lot more room in the descriptions than you are using, so find another way to make it work. Good luck!