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I am new here, hope everybody will help me


hello, this is Mahbubur Rabbani. I am new here. I am Wordpress Expert and professional Web Designer and developer. As a new member, I expect help from everybody. i hope Everybody will help me by giving tips.

Hi, I'm Syed Shovon, I'm new on Fiverr. Hope everybody will help me

Fiverr already did it for you: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I'm Syed Shovon, I'm new on Fiverr. Hope everybody will help me

thank you for share this link. hope it will be effective for me


The things I wish I would have known when I started fiverr:

  • Contact the max. amount of people in the section “buyer requests” every day
  • Communication is key! Ask questions if you don’t understand the task completely
  • The beginning will be hard, but if you deliver quality work then you will get more attention - guaranteed!


is it right too much for seller!


tnkz for your valuable advise, i will follow this


thank you for your reply, and thnks for read my topic


Be patient. create your gig according to your skill. marketing your gig on social media. send buyer request 10 daily. reply your client asap. you will get your sucess


wow, tnkx for giving tips . i will follow this


create unique gig and marketing well.



Welcome and I hope you have great success here! Developing unique gigs helps. Fiverr is saturated with duplicate gigs.

The advice that many have given about not demanding help and watching how you word requests I do understand. It is important. But I saw your statement as saying, in an English-as-not-your-first-language-way, that you know other members here will be offering advice and tips and that you are willing to readily accept that.


Thank you . Coming directly to point. I have been working on fiverr for long and seen many ups and downs. If someone ask me to comment on the current era of fiverrr, Its ultimately the time of innovation. Means you have to create decent gigs you have to complete in market and your gig should look better than anyone else around you. Good luck . I believe in learning :slight_smile:


keep patience, do hard work and maintain quality of work


Welcome to the largest freelancing community brother !

I am also a freelancer of your field please let me know if you want any tips !

Thanks !


Also, read that before asking help:


Please do not make demands. Neither Fiverr, nor the rest of us here on the forum owe you anything. You may ask for help… but demanding that you “expect help from everybody” may cause many people to not want to help you. Please be considerate, and ask nicely. And understand that even if people do help you, they are not going to make you successful or do all the work for you. YOU are responsible for your own success.

You can kindly accept the advice people might choose to give you, but YOU still need to do the work to put that advice into action. We’re not going to do anything for you.


I agree with @jonbaas that if we do not let new members know their language is offensive, they cannot learn from their mistakes.

At first, I too was offended by @mahbubur_rabban’s wording of his request for help. :unamused: Then I thought about it again :thinking: and realized he might not have meant to make the statement in the way he did.

English is more than likely, not @mahbubur_rabban’s first language, so perhaps he did not realize by saying he “expected” help that it sounded like he was demanding help. Therefore, I am going to give him a benefit of a doubt and hope he now knows the difference between, “I would like help.” and "I expect help. :relieved:


There’s an old expression…wish in one hand…


I do agree, but it is really an epidemic. Every day it seems that the workflow for new members is:

  1. make account.
  2. put misleading profile picture up
  3. copy someone’s gigs.
  4. go to forums and announce (in broken english) “I am here, give me money.”


Welcome to fiverr community. :slight_smile: