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I am new here , how can i send a buyer request

I am new in this form , how can i send buyer request here?

Are you a seller or a buyer?

I am a seller . I have create gigs but no buyer still now.

Buyers don’t appear immediately most of the time. Some sellers have their first order few weeks to months, totally depends. Use the tips for sellers here to improve your gig. Also I am not sure if you are able to see the buyer requests , I think it will show up when you reach Level 1 (I am not sure on this – but you can try going to your own buyer requests and see if you have that available

Then you do not send BR, you read them and send offers to them.

Read Fiverr TOS and help section. If you Google Buyers request you will find videos and articles on Fiverr main site telling you all you need to know about it.