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I am new here in Fiverr Forum. Have any tricks to rank my gig on first page?

Hello, I am new here in fiverr community. any one here to help, how to rank my landing page gig on first page?


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Only selling can help to promote your gigs on first page. So increase your selling

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Why do you think there is a secret? And even if there is why do you think someone would share it here on the forum where thousands of other sellers can see it? First page is really small and can’t fit thousand sellers at the same time.

But shortly: you ranking mostly depends on your performance. Be a great seller and fiverr might sooner or later put your gig on the first page


Welcome to fiverr best wishes for your upcoming projects check out this will helps…


Thanks guys! I will try. Have a nice day!

It all depends where you are located and what skills you have. When I was looking for tips to rank on the first page, I was contacted by someone who identified himself only as K. He asked that I meet him at 11pm in a bar in the backstreets of a small town in Sicily. Then K gave me a list of duties to perform over the course of the next 72-hours.

I can’t beak confidentiality. However, it was relatively easy work. In one job I had to deliver a green envelop to an old woman in Madrid. In another, I had to catfish Gordon Ramsay on social media. To this day we still chat sometimes.

Sadly, when you accomplish a secret mission for Fiverr, you only get a 72-hour ranking boost. In this case, it isn’t always worthwhile. :frowning:


Be active as much time you can in 24 Hours. Share your gig with your friends and social platform. Wright a beautiful GIG description & Choose your GIG title carefully.

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No. You do not have to be active for 24 hours on Fiverr in order to earn sales. This is terrible advice, and I wish people would stop telling other people to do this. Check in when you are able, or have notifications sent to you when someone contacts you. You do not need to be online in order to earn sales.

Are your friends going to be placing orders from you? Probably not. Your friends are not your target customers. Figure out who your target customers are, and market specifically to those people. Those are the people who will place orders from you.

No. Write an informational gig description. Explain your service, and show people why they need to hire you. Beauty won’t win the sale – a detailed description might.