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I am new here me Jahangir Kamal


Hi guys
I am new here
So do hve so much skill
But i want to work with someone just for experience
Any work online


Here on Fiverr, you are your own boss. YOU are responsible for your own success. No one else is going to do it for you. I recommend that you take some time to read the forum, and explore the great tips and advice that have already been posted here. You are responsible for learning what you need to learn in order to become a great seller.


Hy but i just want to work with someone just for experience and improve my ability because i didn’t have skills to much i am just a beginner


Then it might be wise to learn some skills before trying to sell any skilled services here on Fiverr. This is a professional services website, not an “improve my ability because I don’t have skills” website. You are going to need skills BEFORE you start selling anything here. Take some classes. Figure out what you can do well, then create gigs for those services.

Buyers don’t like to purchase services from people who don’t already have the skills to complete those services. It would be wise to learn before you sell.


Is there is a website’s thorough which i can get help


To learn such skills


The best way to learn new skills is by taking a class, studying information, and experimenting on your own. There is no shortcut to becoming skilled. It will take time, resources, patience, and lots and lots of experience.


As @jonbaas said earlier it’s YOUR business and YOUR responsibility.

Maybe there are websites where you can get skills that you need to work on fiverr but we can not help you to figure that out especially without knowing what are doing, what is your business and what skills do you want to improve and sell. It’s fiverr forum with advises around work on fiver.

Without investing your time even in basic research on how to improve your skills you wouldn’t be able to become successful.

But maybe there will be someone else more helpful than us on this forum that will do your job for you.