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I am new Here. Need Ideas To Make Sales With My Gig

Hi all. I am new on this platform. I need your help re my gig. I have a very good service which is better than most other gigs I have seen on here but no body buys it.

In 4 days I have over 200 views but not a single click nor sales. What could be wrong? What do I need to do to make sales?

I am considering spending $50 on Facebook ads and see how it goes? What do you guys suggest? The link to the gig is below


Welcome to the Fiverr.

  1. Get Your First Order ASAP.
  2. Do Proper On-Page SEO of your Gig . Add keywords to Gig Title. Add the right Keywords to Tags.
  3. Make trustworthy clients.
  4. Increase your conversion rate.
  5. Have a good Average Selling Rate.
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I believe my on page SEO is good. I am even considering building links to the gig itself ( is this something people do ? ).

The rest of your comment I don’t know how to achieve hence this thread.


While you may think you have the most awesome of Gigs, having over 200 impressions but not a single click or sale tells me your Gig is not exactly all that amazing - much like an ugly baby - only a mother could love that face. I am not saying your Gig is ugly - I am just using an analogy.

Obviously, if your Gig(s) have been seen or put before viewers eyes 200 times or more, and not one of those viewers thought to click your Gig and learn more, there is something seriously wrong with your Gig.

I think what the issue here is, you have been a member since 2011 and have not made one sale? Another problem is your pricing - you want hundreds of dollars to write blog posts that you claim will help someone’s ranking in Google - and you have no reviews here - no feedback and no Level. Why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars just based on you claiming you can do X or Y? I will tell you - they won’t. Unless you are a big name person already with a following, you will likely not sell a thing here unless you lower your prices. Now, do you have to sell things for $5 - of course not, and perhaps your “thing” is truly worth the $240 or whatever your base price is - but, to the average buyer here, they do not know that - you do not have any track record to prove it. No reviews saying how your service got their web page or blog on the 1st page in Google results etc.

So, I think that is why people are passing up your Gig for less expensive ones that may or may not be as good as yours.

People are getting sticker shock with your Gigs. That is why you are not getting sales.


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If you had taken the time to actually go look at this guy’s Gigs, you would not have just given a meatless sandwich to him of “advice”.

Next time you want to critique or give advice on someone’s Gig, actually go LOOK at it.



Thanks for this advise. I see the price is an issue but to be fair the price is just fair only that it seems people on Fiverr prefer junk.

I have my most expensive priced at $80 per post and for fairly good sites that get good traffic with extremely low outbound links.

Lowering the price especially with Fiverr taking 20% means I work for free. At that price, my profit is $15 per sale.

Not worth the stress lowering the price but yes I understand what you are saying. There are tons of cheaper junks on Fiverr.


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Because I am new I don’t get buyer request or maybe I don’t know how to get it.

I am always online. My reply time is 1 hour.

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Okay and thanks for telling :smiley:

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go to your dashboard, you can see the menu bar. click more menu. then you can see the buyer request option.

I have checked, I don’t have such here. Maybe cos I am level one.

Yes, Ms Guidance is right. It is not nice to hear but Fiverr is known for buyers who only want to pay $5 for a Ferrari. Even if that Ferrari is really a Ferragi with 3 wheels and a rubber band under the hood.

It makes it a very difficult platform on which to do larger projects or find buyers who actually want quality work as fear is what drives most of the platform.

It is not to say that all buyers & sellers are :poop: just that the overall tone is far more low-rent than high so it is less likely that people who want true specialist work are here. Maybe some other platform - altho most I will say are similar as I think Saturn & Pluto are ruling culture over the last decade or so.

If you really can rank websites with genuine link building strategies, you may be better off having your own website as that will surely funnel qualified people to you??


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Thanks for being so helpful. I have read a lot of your comments on other threads.

Can you please advise me on how to send buyer requests?

I see many new users are able to send buyers request but I can’t. I have followed all the instructions but can’t see anything on buyer request on my dashboard.

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DO NOT spam your Gig link here or try to sell your services in the forum.

There are only TWO areas where you can post your Gig links: “My Fiverr Gigs” and “Improve My Gig”

Otherwise, it makes you look like an unprofessional begging fool.

READ the forum TOS while you are at it.



I can see it on app now. But no requests so far

Requests are not going to always show up - a buyer has to actually post a request!

Also, the requests are linked to what categories your Gigs are placed in - so, there may be some areas or categories that have very few if any requests or ones that have a ton. Be aware though, that there are a ton of copy/paste people who will reply to the buyer’s requests quickly even if they didn’t read it - and cannot do the job adequately - do not let it hinder you from replying to a buyer’s request if you feel you can do the job - if there are already a multitude of people replying and EVEN if they are saying they will give the world on a silver platter for $5.

I also do not know if you can see more buyer’s requests on a pc or laptop than you can on a phone or tablet? I use my PC to do everything on Fiverr (I am old and old fashioned I guess).


In my recent quick experience comparinating BR across PC and App they have been exactly the same (Gig info display apparently is not always as much of your info hidden - requiring opening up).

Once or twice the App has shown more Attachments in some BR - the only reason I ever look there.

No difference but like GG, I never do business on a phone as it is not easy to be serious on such a limited platform where sentence longer write can you not and people read not neither because they think anything past 3 words is an insult under their TL:DR rules.


I never do business on the phone (although I do have the app installed and do check my phone if I do not have the PC on to make sure I have not missed messages!) and I also never do business with buyer’s requests.




It is indeed better when you can avoid BR altogether as they have plunged right into the sewer in the last year. They are mostly truly frightening.

It saddens me that people apply for these things in any way that says that they will do what it requested for those terms. I would be has happy to be rid of them myself - and maybe I should just be anyway.


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You should see the ones posted in my categories (Psychics/Readings).

“Give me a spell that will make me win the lotto”, “Make my ex come back to me”, “Make me invisible from the law (or process server)”. :laughing:

Too funny.


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