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I am new here on fiver


My name is Hedayat. I have done Bs in computer science. I have a specialization in WordPress development and digital marketing.
Now I decided to work on a fiver.
Your guidance will be highly appriciated.


Learn from your competitors in regards to prices and keywords, try to offer something unique an useful to your intended audience.


yeah same to u bro best of luck:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Best of luck bro… you will get soon


Welcome, I think you’ll do great , read the seller tips category and go to for more info.

Have a great career on fiverr


Thank you everyone for your nice words.


Welcome to Fiverr, all the best…


Thanks shalini :grinning:


welcome brother. and best of luck.


Welcome :blush::blush::hugs: @nuhraan


Welcome to fiverr, I would suggest you read the TOS carefully first, otherwise, warnings and bannings might be the cause of any day being your last day as user on fiverr with this account


Thanks for advice. I will read that TOS :neutral_face:


Welcome to fiverr family…


Welcome to the fiverr


You have to prove your self here Thank you


Welcome to the fiverr