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I am new here. please tell how i will be active 24/7

i am new here. please tell how i will be active 24/7


Go through it. The topic you posted isn’t a new stuff. Please try to use the search option before posting a thread on the forum. If the topic is new and none discussed it, then create a post. Otherwise, it’s not recommended to post a thread with same topic that’s already discussed multiple times.

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No one can be awake 24/7.

The only reason you can want to do this is to make yourself appear available to potential buyers. You will therefore be fraudulent - making you a bad seller, and someone that I would never want to buy from.

In fact I will go further. The very fact that your first thought as a new seller is how to cheat, makes it very unlikely that you will be successful.


This is a ridiculous Fiverr myth.

Which can result in this:

Check out: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!


Welcome to the forum. Best of luck to you :grinning:

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