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I am new here want to help from experts

hello there

i am new here.i didn’t get a order yet
how can i get my first order

Suggest please

Feel free to search the forum for valuable tips and tricks on how to better your profile and obtain your first satisfied client!


Ok, what service can you provide that is better / different / cheaper than everybody else?


You can use your own photo as an avatar, that could be a good start.
Also for someone who claims to have more than 3 years of experience, why is
there only one sample image for your logo?


This is an excellent point. People are naturally visual creatures. Give 'em stuff to look at! Always show what you can do. Examples a great way to open the door to sales.


Your description is also kind of irrelevant. We don’t need to know about this competition between companies, nor the requirements for business cards. Proofreading/editing your profile and gigs might be helpful :slight_smile:

Videos are one of the few things that are PROVEN to increase user interaction and orders. Put some videos up in your gigs!

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