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I am new here who can I eaern mony by

please give mw some tips to improve on fiverr

You can start with fixing your text errors. Even the title is messed up…


I’ll start from this gig of yours

I will make a design about website and graphic If need, for $5

Please correct this title as

I will design A Eye catching LOGO for your Website

Then please add description with more details

How you plan to do your work, why your buyer should select you among others etc.

Add eye catching and great gig image. Add some work samples (You can add up to 3 images)

Be careful with errors in the text . Our first language is not English so errors is common then we have to be more careful when adding titles and descriptions

Add most relevant and specific tags.

Good Luck

Happy earnings

thanks @zimro

Maybe you can be a writer in Kiribati, or translate English to Kiribati, but I would not be doing content writing in English if I were you. If clients have to correct your grammar and spelling, they won’t be happy.

Do you have Skype? Perhaps you can teach people to speak your language, charge $5 for 10 minutes.

If you want to make money here on Fiverr (as we all do), my number one income-earning tip is this: Promote your gigs online. Do not expect to become successful by merely setting up gigs and sitting back, waiting for the money and orders to pour in. Get out there… promote your gigs. Bring in customers of your own doing… THEN you’ll have a better chance at making your efforts fruitful here on Fiverr.

There’s an old saying, “A man reaps what he sows.” If you want to bring in a harvest of income, work hard to establish (and promote) the crops (aka, gigs) that will bring in that harvest.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: thanks for your idea but my country is Bangladesh so kiribati was miss attach in my id.

can I able to earn by Bengali language?

Reply to @abutorab: Of course, business is global and there are people that need translations from Bengali to English or Arabic or etc and vice versa. There are many things you can do with languages. You can do translations, you can teach people how to speak your language via Skype, if you know advertising you can do what I do (but don’t do it if you don’t know or you’ll get bad reviews all the time).

Fiverr is simple, find something you do really well in a short amount of time, and do it.

Book reviews are a simple task, just make sure you don’t buy the book or have to get it mailed. Purchase eBooks for $0, tell your buyers to put their books on Amazon promo (but don’t use the word Amazon in your gig title or description).