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I am new here

Hi All,

Being new as a seller on this site, I (think) that I have done all the necessary in the registration process, but how do you know if you are featured and how do you find yourself

Appreciate your help



Only gigs get featured, if you click my name and scroll down, you’ll see the word “FEATURED” next to my Teespring gig.

Getting featured is rare, you need to do something unique, then hope a Fiverr editor finds you and chooses to feature you, but before that happens, you need to start getting a lot of sales.


You should read this:



Welcome to family and you have to learn a lot.

Welcome to Fiverr. You are probably going to have to drive the first orders to your gig. Think of people you know who could use your services. People are hesitant about ordering when you are new. I know you won’t always want to deliver in 24 hours, but offering this until the ball gets rolling will help get traction. “For $5.00 I will write your article in 24 hours”. You may think of opportunities like food related blogs and other editorial businesses that could use your service. The repeat orders are gold.

Also there is a search result for “up to 3 days”. 4 days will put you out of this search.