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I am new! I NEED HELP!

Hello everyone! I am new here on Fiverr!

Heard about it through Shane Dawson’s Youtube channel.

I didn’t know this could also be a platform for hands on artists too! I already posted 3 gigs today and am thinking of posting more. I do illustrations, and for category it seemed like people were not being too specific about what illustrations they can do. It is a lot of “I can draw anything for you”. I am a bit confused… I am not sure what gigs I can create so its not just “I can draw anything” but more of different topics and items. OR is it in fact okay to have that one gig of I can do anything???

Still a lot to learn. I love eevryone’s work so much and there are so many amazingly talented people on here!
I wish everyone an amazing day.

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Yes, you can have a “Blanket Gig” that offers multitude of services OR “Specific Gigs” for specific services. There is no right and wrong for this - and ultimately depends upon market demand and how you position your services.

As a new seller, you can put up 7 Gigs - and add/delete them in perpetuity. So why not experiment and see it yourself? :slightly_smiling_face:


welcome to fiverr @ floxabia :slight_smile: and good luck !

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thank you! There is so much to learn!

I wonder if there is a limit to posting gigs? But thank you for information