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I am new i need help?


its me first day on fiver i design my gig what i do next?


Do gig marketing and send offer on buyer request option.


No buyer contact me … i am worry about this…


You have to offer at first. You are not famous right now. Even me too.


A lot of patience and perseverance that you will soon have your work. The important thing is that you offer good service!

…Good luck


What is the link to your gig page? Chances are, you’re missing a lot of information and just did the initial amount of work. If you want orders, you need to be as detailed and professional as all the other sellers on fiverr, marketing and offers won’t help you one bit if your information is not descriptive, relevant and professional.



Don’t worry, I’ve never heard of anyone getting an order not the first day. You need to be patient and trust in your work! Make sure your gig read professionally and you offer a great service! Best of luck and welcome to Fiverr!


It was several days before I received my first order on Fiverr, and it’s not uncommon for people to be left waiting far longer, depending on how competitive their area of interest is.

There are things you can do in the mean time to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get that first order, though.

  • Promote your blog on social media, but remember to make it relevant.

  • Put yourself in the position of the buyer. What would you search if you were looking for your gig as a buyer? Consider changing the tags to match them.

  • Check out the images of your competitors. How do they compare to yours? Do yours stand out, or match up? If not, consider changing them if you can. Places like unsplash are good for finding royalty free photos if you aren’t good enough at photography to take your own.

  • Be active on Fiverr as much as possible. This does not mean you should use one of those Google extensions that refreshes your page automatically (I’m pretty sure this is against Fiverr’s terms, and it’ll go against you if a buyer messages you when you appear to be online but actually aren’t), but be present on your account as much as possible. I try and have mine in a different tab if I don’t have orders so that I can respond quickly when one does come in.

  • Be patient. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It happens to those who are persistent. Don’t give up!

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You nailed it and your post detailed


I wish you all the best…


if you have any extra work about my GIG then tell me i do your work…


Tell me about my GIG…??.
Please check is my GIG 100% okay…??


Thank you! I’m not very good at writing things concisely. It’s all that time I spend blogging and on Quora, haha! I’m glad you found it helpful.


Don’t worry, You need to be patient and trust in your work! Make sure your gig read professionally and you offer a great service.


Can you post a link to one of your gigs because you forgot to post it?