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I am new i need help

i am new here i need help
i am a new seller
tell me
how i can read the daily offers
that the buyer write it
tell me please

at example : if i write a new request on fiverr
i get 30 offers of many sellers
tell me how this sellers read my request??


but the sellers
how read the requests ???
i am anew seller and i want to read requests and to post my gig for him


To get order from buyer. Try to find your suitable offer from “Buyer request”. Which is in the “More” navigation menu at the top. The offer which you created, it’s for Buyer who want to post offer for finding sellers.


Buyer requests ???
but i dont find it
tell my a gain : what is the name of the menue?
please …

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You can find the “Buyer Request” option at the top menu in the “More”.

but these topics for seller
or what the menue name?
i dont find : Buyer request

Goto and then find it. It’s not in the forum


i find : mange request
and post a request
can you give me the pic of it
or the link

i want to see the buyer requests , i am a seller

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Hope you can find this now. Thanks

i am sorry-- but i dont find it - i see just the messages menue
can u click on it - buyer requests - and to give me the link ??

May be your computer screen is small. That’s why you are not seeing the normal menu bar. You can find it see the left top corner have three small verticle line. Click there and you find a menu from there. There have more option. Click the more option. And find the buyer request.

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please click on it
and give me the link
i dont find it untill now

you’r screen size is too small. Try zoom out a little bit by pressing “ctrl” and “-” button to zoom out and you can view like mine

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You can easily zoom out by clicking the minus (-) button here (see image). And adjust screen for your device


yes its appears NOW
but i dont have any one now

No requests found.
what does it means?

It means there is no request available with your skills.

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Check this out: Buyer Requests - Leadership Suggestions on Buyer Request Complaints (Few Requests, BR FAQ’s, Times, Issues Etc.)

i woud like to thank you
with all my heart sirrrrrrrrrrr
thank youuuuuu

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keep searching, once you got just apply