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I am new in fiverr and want my 1st order soon

How can i get my first order as soon as possible.Have any tricks to increase my gig impression.


That’s good. Start doing some research in the forum or in the internet on how to get your first order.


Thank you for your suggestion.Would you like to provide some tips about it.


Hi there! Welcome to Fiverr :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Take a look at this post for some tips and info on how to get more orders and be a successful seller: Answer to all the questions that sellers have

Just a head up, there’s never any tricks to achieve things on Fiverr. Work hard and give your best effort!

Thanks! Good luck!


thank you so much.Your tips are very helpful


Welcome to Fiverr & wish you good luck!!


Welcome to Fiverr :heart:

  • Create your gig by doing proper research
  • Send buyer request regularly
  • Focus on your work
  • Be honest
  • keep patient

wow your tips are very good for newbie.Thanks


Welcome to Fiverr forum :heart_eyes:


Welcome to Fiverr forum :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Fiverr is not easy money!

Check this out: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!


You have copied content in your gig, that’s hurting your SEO and you’re putting yourself at risk to be reported. The highlighted portions are from another site (not Fiverr) with a male seller, so I know it’s not another profile of yours. You need to rephrase / reorder things, even in lists, to avoid this.

You also have bad grammar at several points (incorrect pluralization and tenses) and your formatting is very poor - capitalization where it doesn’t belong, inconsistencies, etc. None of these build trust or interest in a buyer that, quite honestly, has their pick of literally thousands of sellers offering the same thing.

  1. Keep online
  2. Shear your gig in social media
  3. Sand a buyer request
  4. Research gig SEO
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Welcome to fiverr community…

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Thank for your suggestion i already changed copied part from my gig.Can you recheck my gig now?

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Keep online, Share your gig in social media,Send a buyer request
and Research gig SEO

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Just don’t steal other people’s work and you should be fine. Use a grammar checker to make sure your writing makes sense in English. It’s your job to have clear, concise, and original content in your gigs - if you don’t take the time to meet the bare minimums there (which, by the way, are required under the TOS), you’re setting yourself up for failure here.

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How to send a buyer request?

When you sent buyer request. must be focus buyer requirements and first tell about the work and then refer your skills and how do you it.

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Hi Dear,
I’m also new in Fiverr. so keep patience . Try to stay online most of the time and also try to spent time in fiverr forum . Make your gig perfectly .Hope so soon you will get a new offer.
Aunjali Siddique.