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I am new in Fiverr but have lots of experience

I have a lot of experience in Digital marketing. But my id is new. For this reason I can’t find a job! If anyone want to give me a job,I will be very pleased


Hi, welcome to the Fiverr. Try to send 10 buyer requests every day.


Then perhaps you might try using some of that vast digital marketing experience to market your own gigs. If you are a marketing professional – as you claim – then you already know how to find orders, and you don’t need to be begging for them here on the forums. :wink:


I worked in another marketplace. I am new in fiverr. For this reason im beging

Begging for people to buy from you is more likely to make buyers NOT want to hire you. Buyers do not want to hire desperate new sellers. They want to hire confident professionals who can prove they are as good as they say they are.

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Thanks for your advice brother. You are very helpful dude. I like you :heart_eyes:

Welcome to the fiverr world…Best of luck for your journey with fiverr…

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