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I am new in fiverr, but my account resticate today for my some can i solv my foult and get back my account safely?

Account rasticate problem


What did you do exactly to get your account banned? (I think that’s what you are trying to ask??)
You probably received an Email from Fiverr. What does it say?

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Hi, rasticate isn’t a word in English so I’m not sure what you mean.

Do you mean banned? Banned is the word when they block your account.

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Please get yourself a spell checker of any sort.

I usually don’t mind the errors (since it’s an international platform and all that) but this is nearly impossible to understand.


My account resticate today for my some foult.

Masticate? that means to chew.

lout? uncouth and aggressive man or boy

My account masticate today for some lout. :smiley_cat:
Maybe resticate means restricted. :thinking:


Well, whatever the problem, the OP’s account appears to have disappeared …


It say that, your account is Rasticate can nont chat any Bayers and can not take any order.

Account restricted.

Yes. It’s no longer available.


Sir, i can’t riply any coustomer msg and my gig are diactived seller mode is stopped.fiverr send me an email there thay say something about Rasticate can u solve it?

You’ll have to talk to customer support about your issue. Nobody on this forum can help you get your account back.

To reach support, follow the link below and click “Contact Us” at the bottom of the page.


You might try using google translate so that they at least have a chance of understanding what you say …


Can i back my seller account by any cost?

It depends. If you broke the rules, you won’t get your account back. If your account was restricted in error, support may be able to fix the problem for you.

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Yes sir, my account is rasticate by my spam massages. Thy are Notified me about the rastication.

Wrong word, rasticate means send down, or expelled, you are not using it in a correct sentence or context. You mean “suspended.”

“The user account you are looking for is no longer available.”

Also as others have mentioned it would be beneficial to use a spell checker/ translation program as well in the future for better clarity - when you are looking for help.

We can’t help you here, as far as recovering your account.

EDIT: Spamming goes against most online forum’s rules and is definitely against fiverr’s TOS. It’s inconsiderate, and annoying. .

You should contact customer service with this concern.

Also read the TOS very closely - as it will help clarify why you lost your account.

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Oh ok. Personally, I don’t think Fiverr will give you your account back, because you broke the rules. But talk to Support and see what they say. They’re the only ones who can help you.

Good luck.

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@ahmwritingco and @socialhonor thanks for being the problem solvers :heart_eyes: Cheers to guys like you,