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I am new in fiverr buyer not giving me reiview last project

Hello everyone,
I have started my Fiverr journey last 40 days ago. I am very happy to get the first order and then also more 2 projects the same buyer. the second buyer gives me first order and good rating, review but second-order same buyer I have completed the project and the buyer accept it but not giving me any review. so any effect on my gig rank?


There should be no affect on your gig. In my experience about 2 in every 3 buyers choose to leave a review.

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Thank you share your experience


You have a section in Fiverr stories for the experience of sellers.

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Client’s feedback is important for engaging buyers. Some buyers never like to leave a bad rating, incase of they are not satisfied. If you provide quality service then no need to ask to leave rating. they will leave the feedback without any request if the client get the quality service.
If you request more than they may leave a lower rating.

I think you can guess it!