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I am new In Fiverr. How Can I get level 1 seller tag in fiverr?

I have joined fiver some days ago. I have created a gig also. But I get no orders for this. I send offers to the buyers also but they don’t accept.Some days ago someone messaged me, due to day-night issue I could not reply to her fast so my Response time has drowned to 6 hours

How can I get my first order? And would you please kindly check my account and tell me what should be edited in my profile link is:


your need to grow your profile and gig gain lot of order and try to improve your Response time


Thank you buddy for your suggestion. It would be very helpful if you please give your opinion about how can I grow my profile and gig.

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Always remain online and share your gigs on social media


You need to move your post to “Improve my Gig.” Or a mod will take it down.

Tips for Sellers is only for experienced sellers to give tips to other sellers.

Please use the :pencil2: to change the category.


Thank you for your advice. I have edited the post category.


I try to stay active as much as I can. But unfortunately my sent offer to buyers also got rejected.

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Patience is the key to success, now you are new seller so when your proposal are attractive to buyers they will contact you…


I do not have this issue? :thinking: Fiverr allows us to sleep. My response time is 1 hour and I do not sign in until about 9 am my time and I sigh off at about 9 pm. I have never had a day-night issue.

You must have taken longer than 12 hours to reply or your response time would not be down to 6 hours.


No bro. She messaged me at 4:00 am and I replied her at 10:00 am now my profile is showing an average response time of 6 hours.

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That is odd in light of what I told you. I have buyers that contact me just after I sign off and I do not get back to them for many hours later.

Actually bro I am trying to write my offers more attractively but may be I am failing. If you don’t mind, it would be helpful for me if you provide me a link of a content(blog or youtube video anything) about writing good buyer request.

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Will this response time affect my profile badly?

Response time is very important. You should reply to the messages asap.
Also try to write your buyer requests shorter.

@kazizilani1 welcome & share your in social media

You had to fill up all of the condition for reaching a level

Thanks dear, I have this same problem

I am not sure. I have seen successful sellers with 7 hour response times, and your response time is not reflected in your stats. Only your response rate counts there.

Keep patience. this happened with me too. Try to improve your gig and share it in your social sites. try to be online as much as possible.Add two more pictures of in your gig. Mockup will be a best option.Bid as much as you can. just don’t give up

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** 1 – Greetings (Hello, Respected, Dear)

2- Restating employer project (In your own words, re-state the project)

3- Introducing yourself (Your brief intro, industries you have worked with, years of experience (if you have otherwise do not talk about it), Your brand name.)

4- What can you do for the problem stated in the project (talk about your skillset, the software you will use and how will you do the task). Also, try to answer these three questions in your proposal even though, your client may not have asked for it.

4a- Can you complete my project

4b- Are you an easy person to work with

4c- Do you care about helping me make this project successful

5 – Portfolio (If you are a fresh freelancer and do not have a portfolio, offer your service ‘ Free ‘ to 5 different people from 5 different walks of life. This is an investment towards a goal and the goal is to create a portfolio to show the client in your bid. Trust me, it does wonders in the long run)

6 – Magic trick up your sleeves (As a freelancer, I do not see the harm in providing free samples/mockups to your client. Also, try asking a question in your proposal that may prompt the client to open PMB give an answer to your question. For example, do you have hosting and domain name acquired?.)

7 – Closing of your pitch (use words like looking forward to your positive response, thank you**

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