I am new in Fiverr i need help please...!


Hi Friends i am new in Fiverr i have a question. can you tell me please, all services are different but why all services are charging equal amount… and there are many great services but they are charge only 5 dollars… can you tell me why we can’t change our service fee according to our service type… i am confuse… please help.


$5 doesn’t mean you have to build a fort for $5.

Offer services that can take 15-20 minutes for $5. And add extras for complex jobs.

Since you’re new here, try to offer more for less. And when you have gained enough reputation and orders, you can start charging a little more.

Also check the “Tips for Sellers” section in this forum.


Thank you so much Kay you are great…


Reply to @kay2809: Thank you so much Kay you are great…


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Perfectly said…there is nothing to ad


Mention in your gig description that contact me first before order. Chat with buyer and give buyer a customer offer. New feature recently added by fiverr.


Hello everyone!!

I am new in this forum and had posted 3 gigs as well and willing to earn some money from here by delivering an excellent and qualitied task to the buyers…

But not get any buyers till now…

How should I stat with it and got an earning from here, as i would also wanna showcase my 2years experienced talent of digital marketing here.

please help me about it with all your good suggestions and techniques…



Reply to @kay2809: Are there any fort building gigs here? That would be fun.


Reply to @itsyourthing: We can expect lego forts on fiverr soon.


Reply to @ambitious12: All of the information is available on forum here


Be patient. It can take some time to get regular orders .


Reply to @ambitious12: List the other languages you speak/use. English isn’t your strength so cast a broader net.

It’s also confusing that you sell a spun article in one gig and insist that for another gig (at the same cost) that you don’t spin. It’s also weird that the image on the non-spun gig is in Spanish. Quite honestly, it’s all suspicious. Of course, plenty of buyers buy shady gigs, so you’ll probably do well - if you’re patient.