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I am new in fiverr. i need help

I am new on fiverr very low views.I think I need help on this please check my gig and let me know if I can improve my gig.please look at it for me.


You providing service in a very competative niche. WIthout orders it will be difficult to stay in search as a large number of gigs providing similar services. I recommend you to update your gig with more nice work samples. Have a research on other good perforing gig. Note them in to a document, resarch and update you gig/profile description. (hints: your profile tagline dont represent your skill or service, it should be change .)

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I’d change the “Do or Die” to something else for sure.
Not sure what message you are trying to give out, but it ain’t that pleasant to look at. :sweat_smile:

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i will change thank your sir your support:+1: