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I am new In Fiverr, If I take test of my skills

I am new In Fiverr, If I take test of my skills and pass them successfully, is that will improve my value in Fiverr stats.

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Skill test will help you to get order fast.

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The skill tests don’t affect your Fiverr stats. From what I know, some disciplines do need to take mandatory tests to prove your skill but I don’t think you’re referring to that here.

This isn’t really true. It could help you get an order, because it may increase your value towards potential buyers. Because these tests communicate towards them a sort of evidence to back up certain claims you make. For example, I write poetry but English isn’t my native language so with an English Fiverr skill test buyers can see it’s not a lie when I claim I can write & speak fluent English.

In short, it doesn’t hurt to add to your profile (if your score is acceptable) but it doesn’t affect your profile stats in comparison to other users who haven’t taken the tests :slight_smile:

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The skills tests help to give reassurance to prospective buyers.

For example, if you are selling a ‘background removal’ gig, you are competing against 45,000 other sellers with the same / similar service.

If your profile shows that you’ve passed skills tests in Photoshop, English, and Customer Service - then you are immediately a much better option for a buyer. They are much more likely to trust you over someone with no skills test results.

However, as far as I know, passing a skills test does not influence where in the search results you appear.

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