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I am new in fiverr need work not gatting any work!

Hi, I’m Bipin, a graphic designer,3d modeling artist and a Photoshop expert. I have experience in Photoshop , 3d smax, Aftereffects, Premiere pro and i also love photography an sketching … If you need your photos edited or graphics designed, logo design , Poster design ,3d model you can Order my gig or message me so we can discuss the project… lets talk …
for logo :
for Flyer:



Your gig looks good, but I think where the problem is, is that there is an overload of people doing your type of work. Do you look at buyer requests every hour? I got my first job from there and things started rolling. I took a while to get my first order, be patient, stay online, look at buyer request often. It is hard work to start!


thank you :smile: i am looking at buyer requests every hour , bt no one is replying for my offer can you give me some tips how ti send a offer in a batter way ?

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You can read this. If you read all of this it will help you get orders:


thanks bt can you refer mr i need a work urgent