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I am new in fiverr….show me right way to sell gigs

hi I am jason, I know photoshop . Please suggest me best possible way to sell my gig. I already create some related gigs.please!!!

Make one gig, with your best work from photoshop, but start with ONE gig first and work hard on getting sales and good reviews. My advice is to ask a family member or someone to buy one or two gigs so they can leave you a good review. Also, don’t forget to put photos of your work related to the gig you’re trying to sell. Good luck :slight_smile:

Improve your grammar, spelling, punctuation and marketing. And get rid of the sexy white girl in your profile picture. Your name is “Jason” from Bangladesh. And if you’re really good at Photoshop, make more attractive gig pictures that show off those skills. And for God’s sake, man–don’t say “I think you will be satisfied”. That implies you don’t even trust your own skills.

In short, you’ve got a lot of work to do.