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I am new in fiverr. so, i struggling to find buyer.what can I do?

I am new in fiverr. so, i struggling to find buyer.what can I do??


Recently I answered the same question, so I’ll just skip my advice from there. Please, try to read the answers from the previous topics, because this topic will be raised every minute, customers will not come to you :grinning:

“Hello, I also could not get my first client for a long time, I waited for him for 2-3 weeks. Then one person came, he was a very good customer and we had 2 jobs. He left his comments, after which I started more views and clicks. I would advise you to carefully consider the description of your work, choose the best and most interesting photos, as well as create as many products as possible, because they ordered from me exactly the product from which I did not expect this
You can also tell your friends and family about the fact that you work on Fiver, they may want to order something from you and this will help you get the first reviews, thanks to which you will get more views.”
In addition, you can download the Fiver app to your phone, there is a function of responding to buyers’ orders, as on other freelance exchanges. To do this, log in, change the mode to a seller and go to your profile, and there you will find a sheet with buyers orders. which you can answer


Wait and always stay online


Same situation brother.

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Are you on Fiverr? When did you joined? I searched your name and could not find you. I can’t give any advice on your gig.

@jestin99 Try to active online & share your gigs various Social media!

thanks for valuable response

okey ,sir
I will try my best .sir,this my link can you check it .and can response what is the problem

You have a useful gig. People are always seeking editors for YouTube videos. I purchase intros at least once a year.

I recommend rewriting the gig. There are many grammar mistakes and will could cause people to turn away.

I also suggest shows more examples of your work. Show your best videos and people will more interested in your gig.

Good luck!

thanks you sir for valuable words