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I am new in fiverr. suggest me


I am new in fiverr. suggest me :blush:


What do you want to know?

-Analysis a market according to your skills then create gigs
-Use eye catching portfolio or display image and attractive title
-Add description that easy to understand to your buyer
-Use relevant tags
-Ad packages
-Daily send 10 buyer request (best way to grab the orders)



Welcome to the forum. Check out for how to get started on Fiverr. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Suggest what? The best pants? shirt? Hat? what?

Make yourself clear, please. I’m not a mind reader!


Other than that, yes, I would like you to suggest me the best hat, please. I have a beanie, is that still trendy? Also, a suggestion about great sunglasses would come in handy. I am really sorry for bothering you, but I am just a boy, we aren’t that educated in the filed called “fashion and style”

I am not sarcastic at all. :upside_down_face:


Oh, Freaky, you’re a silly boy! When it comes to fashion & style, I’m your gal. :wink:

Beanies are HOT. But I really :heart: the slouchy beanies.

Other choices…





Aviator Sunglasses are trendy. Guess what? I’ve got a whole bunch (different colors).
We’d look cute wearing them together. :sunglasses:


I wore one like this mirrored one today! :slight_smile:

It’s funny you didn’t ask me about the pants. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is my beanie, is it cool? It’s not slouchy btw


Yes, the aviators look lovely. I guess you won’t mind borrowing me one pair? I like the Wayfarer style a lot more, but aviators are evergreen, so I’ll listen to your advice.

I don’t know either, I guess, pants are not that hard to chose. But I would appreciate any suggestion.


Hmm, I see you’re rockin’ Tommy H. albeit Outdated! :sweat_smile:

However, I’d recommend Ralph Lauren or Gucci. A friend of mine bought me a Burberry, I sold it on eBay. The friend was cool with me selling it. :smiley:

Yeah, they are universal. I don’t mind! :wink:
Guys really dig 'em I always get compliments n stuff.
Maybe I should take a pic and you be the judge? Hmm, dunno. :blush:

As for the pants tight or loose fit? :grin:


Hey, don’t say bad words about my hat, I’ve bought it from my trip to Vienna. :austria:

Sure, would you give me :moneybag:, they are out of my budget range. Just kidding, I am actually for more casual clothes, Gucci and RL are too much for me.

Aye, aye, Captin!

Thight! (Hint: timberland is my favorite brand)

Off to sleep!


Aw, at least you had fun out there.

I’m sure you can find a few less expensive ones, too. It’s not always about the brand but how you rock it to make it look like it cost a fortune. :wink:

Btw ~ Tims will always be in style! :ok_hand:t4:

Well, we’ll talk about this another time.

Sweet dreams :zzz:


Just cooperate fiverr and always updated on the system :grinning:


Welcome @emran00 ! What type of suggestions you need?


Some Suggestions for you:

  1. Use your own profile picture. Don’t Cut and Paste photo and upload to profile picture.
  1. Use better quality images for gigs.

  2. Write professional looking description. Not write like that “I am example…”


why my buyer requests are not updated for logo design.


sir please help me ti solve this problem.


Welcome fiverr community Hope you will get your success soon


thanks for these tips
its really work in good way