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I am New in fiverr,

Hello guys,
I am new here.I have joined on Fiverr a few days ago.Anyone can tell me, How can i get my first order so easily???
How can i improve gig’s Impressions,Click and all of this that is good for my gig’s, Profile.Please give me a suggestion . pls advice.
and check my gig…



welcome, keep patience, success will come very soon

Thanks for your advice…

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ronybd20 Welcome and good luck

I’m new also. The key to success is to word hard and have patience.

I took a look at your services. I highly suggest revising your gigs. I noticed one of your gigs is offering blog posts. It does not give any description of this service. How many words are you writing for a blog post? What is your standard for “two hours of work”? I can write 1,500 word article in an hour if I already know the topic without conducing a lot of research.

Furthermore, a blog post is not considered data entry. It is considered to be media because a blog post is basically an article.

In addition, your other gig says “6. Website Link” in the banner. What type of service is this? This is so vague. It’s not giving information about your services to potential customers. Do you mean “Link Building”?


welcome to fiverr…

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Welcome …Wish you all the best !

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Nice your gig profile.
Congratulation :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

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welcome to fiverr community best wishes for you

Keep up the good work