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I am new on fiverr and its been many days..i am not getting any work! :( tips please

its been 10 days…i posted a gig about “I will make an eye catching logo in 1day” and not getting any response :((

you need to wait wait and only wait.

for promoting your gigs you need to check “Buyer Request”. You can share your gigs in social medias.

If you want send your service gig details in fiverr forum, you can do also. Just go on “My fiverr gigs” section and post your gig details :slight_smile:

The problem here is that fiverr has more sellers than buyers and to get orders you need to stand out of the masses. I signed up four years ago and just recently started to get orders (3 months ago) but then it worked out pretty well and I had around 300 sales.

So my tips are: Make sure your gig description is unique and also to explain everything in detail. That way people looking for exactly the stuff you are offering will find you. Once you get an order and ratings, your gig will move up in the search results, as fiverr rewards activities and positive reviews.

Also make sure to upload good gig images. Unique ones that make you stand out and that demonstrate your work. The more a buyer can read about what you offer, the more likely it will be that you get orders.

Good luck :slight_smile: