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I am new on fiverr and trying to start my career as a freelancer

Hi friends, Please help me yo get my first order as I am new on fiverr
Please check my Gig -


Hello Sharp_
Welcome to Fiverr.
send buyer requests every day.
stay active most of the time.

I hope it will help you to get your first order.

Thank you.

Welcome to Fiverr Forum. :slightly_smiling_face:
See the tips you have in the forum
There are many tips for you to succeed.

welcome to fiverr platform.

Welcome to the Fiverr community :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to fiverr community great to see you dear.

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Stay active in Fiverr as much as possible
Check buyer request frequently and send offers
Do some homework on Buyer Requests
Try to sharpen your skill continuously
Thanks. Best of luck

Welcome to fiverr forum and keep learning ! :+1:

How do I do that?


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Click “More” and " Buyer Requests" Then you can see buyer requests. If you have more gig then you can see more.