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I am new on Fiverr Give me some Tips about it

I’m new to Fiverr so this is just a thought based on what I’ve been reading on the site. Good luck!
Thanks for your help

Oh, and dont copy peoples posts.

Don’t steal other people’s work. Like mine, for example. Then don’t claim that you were giving a “boost” when you’re caught red-handed. This is one really useful tip that will help you 100%!

Also, get someone to revise your gig descriptions. From your proofreading gig:

“Did that 92% of human beings will right away forestall analyzing your article after they see a spelling or grammar mistake? it is why I paintings difficult to ensure your report or article is ideal. With over 12 years of proofreading and modifying revel in, i will spot mistakes that many proofreaders would miss. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with my service first time! Order now! For just $five you will get a fully expert proofreading and modifying provider.”

Oh dear.

Hi again! Since you asked for tips, I must tell you this. When you do proofreading, you need to have an excellent knowledge of written English. What you have written is barely legible. What made you decide to do a proofreading gig?

You have this at the bottom of your gig:
Do you have got extra than one thousand words? truely order 1 gig for each 1000 phrases you’ve got! (Please notice that the maximum amount of phrases that can be became around inside 24 hours is 1000. Please message me when you have more and/or want it quicker.)

Did you use an online translation service to interpret this into English for you?

Those online proof reading sites don’t work. And those online translation services don’t work well either, and often write similarly to what you have written.

Oh, let’s help her out a bit. “Do you need more than one thousand phrases? Simply order one gig for every thousand phrases you need. If you require extra fast delivery, please contact me first.”

I mean, words or phrases, dude. Which is it, because one is substantially more than the other. I think you meant words, but your translation engine screwed up. Oh well. It’s not like the customer will notice, is it? You certainly fooled us!

You can steal that, but it won’t fix the rest of your gig description, and will just make it even more glaringly obvious that you can’t proofread, but love to boost.

Your Fiverr bio says this: “I am quality seller on Fiverr.I have multiple skills in all Fields.I’m Advertiser, SEO Expert,Graphic designer, web Developer and Author with half-dozen years expertise in these Fields.I achieved 100% glad.”

I see many red flags… and I have to chuckle too.

You’re saying that you are a man of all talents, and have been successful at ALL of these many wonderful jobs in only six years. And that you “achieved 100% glad.” – That’s wonderful! I am so glad to hear how happy you are! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to be successful, proofread your content.

It must be very difficult to not be a native English speaker and come here hoping to make some money. I can’t fault anyone for trying. Hopefully this is a learning experience.

As much as I was laughing at the situation, I was thinking the same a few minutes ago so I threw together a small non native English seller tips post.

I live in Greece, my Greek is appalling. So is my German and French and Spanish. I can string enough together to form a sentence, and if I’m having a good time at a party, I might speak in those languages to other people.

I would never, ever, try to sell my services in those languages. What works when placing an order in a restaurant or giving directions (and hell, I get mistaken for a Greek only to have the other party shudder and find someone who isn’t mangling their language) does not work when the buyer expects professional writing and/or editing services.

Sure, it’s difficult and we’re fortunate that we speak English natively, but I don’t think it takes much self-awareness to understand whether or not you’re good enough to do something for money.

Now I must go and check out your tips, Eoin!

I don’t know if you need my tips emmaki, your English is ok - I can usually understand what you are trying to say :smiley:

I amek spesial price for you only! Just $five for many phrases of glad!

Yours, @eoinfinnegan, is unfortunately horrific. I can’t understand a single word. I don’t even understand your emoji. Is that supposed to be a face? Is it a Scottish face? :wink: I had to write this due to unforeseen insanity. I owe you a beer.

My tip for you is to take a break from the forum and let people forget. I’ve seen a variety of posts from you. Some may have benefited others to your detriment. Some may or may not have hurt your sales. I haven’t seen much (if anything) that helps you in any way. Read, read, and read the forum. Don’t write.

Perhaps in a week or two, after reading at least 50 posts, maybe post again. You can completely disregard my advice, of course, it is an open forum. My admin tag ONLY means that I volunteer to help clean up spam and answer questions and such. I’m not Fiverr staff. Don’t assume too much. But, you asked for tips and that is mine.

Just spat my tea. Thanks…

I know, I know but I am learning.
I used to post in Tips for Sellers because I was mixing the word up and thought I would get gratuities for posting.
Now I do it when I am bored.

lol @ “take a break and let people forget”

os very good you take me instead ok be sure take advamtage now.

…and hope the elephants are elsewhere!

I really Appreciate your advice and Suggestions
I will act upon after Christmas.
Stay connected