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I am new on fiverr i would like some tips for get quick orders

give me some tips i am new on fiverr

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Search “new seller tips” in the forum.

Here’s an example of what comes up if you sort by “Most Liked”

Also, I’ve just had a look at your profile.

“Passionate & aggressive team with 3 year experience of graphic designing business. contact us Today !!=) K;HIDP9R7YXMG BV VJFJHKBVVFJKFJFTUIFGUJUF JHUDJVHCNMJFC JHCVN”

This is your description. Did you slam the keyboard with your hands at the end or something? I suggest you remove that.

You can promote your gig so you can a lot of order.

how i can promote my gigs ?

Welcome to fiverr’s the largest Logo Designing Service!

I don’t know how this is true if you don’t have any reviews yet.

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Optimism, clearly. :joy:

I also find it funny how they’ve been active on the forum since my comments, but that mess of letters is still in their description. Seems like this person doesn’t actually want help.

I don’t see the activity on my end for some reason, but it’s true that a lot of people ask for suggestions and never implement them. Or get mad when people call them out for using other people’s work, photos, descriptions, etc.

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