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I am new on Fiverr please help me.Trying to get a boot order

I am new in fiverr marketplace. want to help.
Trying to get a boot order. please Help me
Link :


thank you
i 'm also on new fiverr member but ,
i need some like to get some buyers.

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Thank you for the prompt response.
I will give your gig a page or two, but I don’t know if it helps.

Giving likes doen’t work on Fiverr/
By the way, how do you post your own query?

Hello @popyathoy

Welcome to Fiverr. You can follow the link below to boast your gig to sell.

Ten Tips to Optimize Your Gigs, Create Trust, and Get Sales

Hope it helps you.

Happy selling :+1:

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hey alexamea
I don’t know
do you know?

Hello wptutorial you are good man
Thank you for info i like it

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Thank you @popyathoy

Just trying to help new members. I’m also new here, everything I learned from Fiverr only.

Good luck to you

yes , okay good luck too .pray for me

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Please Inbox me .my Fiverr account

Don’t solicit sales/messages from people after they write to you here. It’s rude and unprofessional.

ok i got it .thank you